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52 Ancestors: Week 12: Thomas Skidmore, immigrated to America in 1636

The Skidmore Family in England dates back to the year 1086 in Gloucestershire.  Thomas Skidmore, born in 1605, immigrated to America in about 1636 (just 16 years after the Pilgrims on the Mayflower). He was a pioneer in settling several towns in Connecticut with John Winthrop, Jr, who became Connecticut's first governor.

In my research, I came across the work done by Warren Skidmore in 1980.  He did an amazing amount of research about the Skidmores.  There are 9 pages of documented evidence about the life of Thomas Skidmore in Warren Skidmore’s book. Here is a synopsis:

Thomas had arrived in the Massachusetts area by 10 June 1636.  He made 3 trips back and forth between England and Boston, and then decided to stay.

His wife Ellen and their 4 children (ages 15, 12, 8 and 5) arrived about 1642. Their only child born in America, son John (our ancestor) was born at Cambridge, Massachusetts on 11 April 1643.

Thomas’ home in Cambridge in 1640  stood on a triangular plot.  Today it fac…

52 Ancestors, Week 11: The Skidmore Family

The Skidmore family was well documented and a prominent family in England with links all the way back to the year 1086. They are also our link to early America.  The pilgrims arrived in 1620 and our ancestor Thomas Skidmore arrived not long after in 1635.

Our branch of the Scudamores can be traced back to a family that had been living in a town named for them: Upton (higher farm) Scudamore in Wiltshire named in the Domesday Book in 1086.

William I (William the Conqueror) sent his men all over England to find out how much each landholder had in land and livestock and what it was worth.

“At the time of the Domesday survey (1086) Upton was a prosperous parish with a population of approximately 225. Its broad, thin outline spreads over a ridge of greens and, providing excellent pasture for sheep. The survey mentions three holdings. The largest, belonging to Alfred of Marlborough, was worth £9.” [1]

"It is possible that the Skydmores came out from Wiltshire to settle on 18 acres at …

52 Ancestors: Week 10: Joseph P McAninch

Joseph was born 2 Apr 1821 in Casey, Kentucky.

At age 24, he married Elizabeth Jane Quiett (19) on 21 May 1845 in Paris, Illinois.  All in all, they had 12 children: 9 boys and 3 girls.

In 1850, Joseph (29) was a tanner in Center, Indiana, with 3 children.

In 1861, the Civil War started.

In June 1863, Joseph registered for the war, at age 42.

On 20 Dec 1864, a call was made, (18 months after Joseph registered) for eleven regiments for one year's service, and recruits were forwarded to Indianapolis.

At age 43, Joseph left his wife and 9 children to serve in the Union Army:  Company B of the 148th Indiana Infantry. He entered as a Private and was promoted to Corporal.

The 148th was mustered in on Feb. 25 and left the state 3 days later for Nashville. They were constantly employed on guard and garrison duty in central Tennessee until they mustered out on Sept. 5, 1865. The original strength was 975 + 52 recruits = 1,027. Loss by death = 36 (34 by disease); desertion = 75.
On April 9…

52 Ancestors: Week 9: Bartholomeus Schenckel

As I was researching the Shinkles, I came upon more information about the family.  We know that the Shinkles (Schenckels) came to America from Germany, but it turns out they came from Switzerland before that. There is evidence of 6 more generations of Schenckels.  I have not seen the documentation myself, so I am not 100% sure of this research, but I feel comfortable that there is a good chance that these are the right connections.

A couple of the generations seem to be well documented and provide really great stories!

Bartholomeus Schenckel (my 11th great grandfather)

Biography Translation of Stanley E. Masson of material received from Germany:
Christened on 1 May 1560 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland Teacher at Bergzabern, GermanyLooked after the needs of the castle at Stein and Hemmenthal. (not sure where this might be:  there are two castles in Schaffhausen: Munot Fortress and Laufen Castle)1605: Started school (they probably mean: Seminary)1609: Assistant Pastor at the Kathedral1610: Pa…