The Delbert Branch


Munot Fortress,
Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Edenkoben, Germany

  • Anna Barbara Romich
  • Carl Schenckel
  • Edenkoben, Germany  to Philadelphia in 1752

Church of St Mary the Virgin
in Upton Scudamore.
Photo by Neil MacDougall
  • The Skidmore Family
  • Documents relating to the family go back to the year 1086
  • Upton Scadamore, Wiltshire, England 
  • Westerleigh, Gloucestershire, England
  • Arrived in America, June 1636

  • William Sprague
  • Arrives from England at Salem 6 Sept 1628
  • Settlers of Charlestown, MA

  • Chad Brown
  • Emigrated from England, and arrived July 1636
  • Founder of Providence
  • Links to Brown University

Thomas Barnum 1625-1695
  • Emigrated from Hollingbourne, Kent, England, and arrived 1655 in Connecticut

Early American Settlers (1600s):

Cambridge Square Today

  • Thomas Skidmore and family
  • Immigrated to America in about 1636 (just 16 years after the Pilgrims on the Mayflower)
  • Helped to settle, Cambridge, MA and Fairfield, CN

First Presbyterian Church
of Jamaica, NY

  • John Skidmore and a Murder Trial
  • Settled at Jamaica, Long Island by 1662
  • In 1675, his eldest son John, then about 12 years old, accidentally shot and killed a young friend, Thomas Barker

American Pioneers:

Revolutionary War:

Washington Rallying the Troops
at Monmouth
by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze

Joseph Skidmore's signature
on his pension application

  • Joshua Sprague
  • Briefly in Nova Scotia
  • Battle of Bennington, Aug 16, 1777
  • Settled Franklin County, OH

  • Frederick Sprague
  • Battle of Stony Point, NY, July 1779
  • Lived in Lake Simcoe, Canada
  • Settler of Coal Run, OH

  • Seth Barnum
  • Capture of Fort St Jean, Nov 1775
  • Disbanded at Fort Ticonderoga

Civil War:

Kurz and Allison's idealized view
 of the Siege of Vicksburg
(Library of Congress)

  • Joseph P McAninch, age 43
  • Guard and Garrison Duty in Tennessee
  • At the end of the war in 1865

  • John B Lewis
  • Volunteered, was AWOL and arrested
  • Fought in the Atlanta Campaign
  • Prisoner of War
  • Survived the Explosion of the SS Sultana

  • SS Sprague
  • Attorney, merchant, mayor of Defiance, OH
  • Raised Company D for the 14th Ohio Infantry

Snapshots of American Life:


  • Ross Day and Ida May Lewis Day's divorce and subsequent remarriages and then their death dates
  • Day Immigration:  James A Day born in 1771 in Canada is the oldest Day ancestor we can find
  • Alanson Day's wife Hannah's family
  • Polly Lanphere's family
  • William Lewis and his wife
  • Sidney Sprague's wife Mary Ann
  • McAninch Immigration (some say it was Daniel b 1750 from Antrim, Northern Ireland)
  • Other names needing further research: 
    • Captain Anthony Eames (1595-1686): immigrant from England
    • Margery Pierce (1615-1696): immigrant from England
    • Thomas Holbrook (1601-1677): immigrant from England
    • Elizabeth Pitts (1624-1696): immigrant from England
    • Benjamin Hearndon (1630-1694) born in Rhode Island
    • William Wilbur (1630-1710) immigrant from England
    •  John Caldwell ( 1645-1716) born in Maryland
    • and many others
  • Hiram Quiett's Parents and his wife Esther's family
  • William L Murphy's Parents
  • Matilda Courtney's Parents

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