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-- Day Side of the Family (Paternal)
William Sprague, 1628
Photo Credit: Mike Searle / 13th Century Church of St Laurence - Upwey

Anthony Day, 1616
Photo Credit: Alan Richards / Aberavon, Wales
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Chaddus Brown and Family, 1636
Photo Credit: Public / High Wycombe, England

Thomas Barnum, 1655
Photo Credit: Sarepava / Hollingbourne, Kent, England

-- Day Side of the Family (Maternal - McAninch Ancestors)
Thomas Skidmore Family, 1636
Photo Credit: Neil MacDougall / Upton Scadamore, England

Schenckel Family, (1500s)
Schaffhausen, Switzerland

    Phillip Carl Schenckel Family, 1752
    Edenkoben, Germany

    Daniel McAninch, 1770
    Photo Credit: Guliolopez / Scrabo Tower, Northern Ireland
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    The Three Shinkle Brothers
    Battle of Monmouth Courthouse

    William L Murphy
    Photo: Library of Congress / Siege of Vicksburg

    Joseph P McAninch
    Photo: Public Domain / Guard Duty in Tennessee

    John B Lewis
    Volunteered, AWOL, Captured, Survived the Sultana

    SS Sprague
    Raised Company D, 14th Ohio

    • Alanson Day's wife Hannah's family
    • Polly Lanphere's family
    • William Lewis and his wife
    • Sidney Sprague's wife Mary Ann
    • Other names needing further research: 
      • Captain Anthony Eames (1595-1686): an immigrant from England
      • Margery Pierce (1615-1696): an immigrant from England
      • Thomas Holbrook (1601-1677): an immigrant from England
      • Elizabeth Pitts (1624-1696): an immigrant from England
      • Benjamin Hearndon (1630-1694): born in Rhode Island
      • William Wilbur (1630-1710): an immigrant from England
      •  John Caldwell ( 1645-1716): born in Maryland
      • and many others
    • Hiram Quiett's Parents and his wife Esther's family
    • William L Murphy's Parents
    • Matilda Courtney's Parents


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