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52 Ancestors II, Week 69: Rhode Island Families

These ancestors are emigrants from England in the 1630s, VERY early in America's history: remember that the Pilgrims arrived in September 1620.

This is a very interesting family chart:  All immigrants who end up settling in Rhode Island: the Maxson brothers marrying the Hubbard cousins and then in two subsequent generations, Maxson 1st cousins marrying each other.

First some background: “During the 17th century, people left England to escape religious persecution. Many colonists came to America to be able to freely practice their religions. Roger Williams (b 1603) was a defender of religious liberty who arrived in Boston on February 5, 1631.

Leaving behind the religious intolerance under England's King Charles I, he and his wife journeyed across the ocean to join the "American Experiment" in Boston in 1631. At first, Williams just wanted to reform the Church of England; soon, he sought separation completely.

Many of Williams's parishioners did not agree with his…

52 Ancestors II, Week 68: Michael Greenlee

Michael Greenlee, Sr was born about 1700 probably in Ulster, Northern Ireland.

He married twice, his first wife’s name is unknown.  They had 7 children together. We are related to their youngest Michael (Jr). She died (around 1759, perhaps in childbirth).

Michael (Sr) (with 7 young children), married a second time (before November 26, 1761), Esther Davis who was born about 1740, daughter of John Davis. They had four children, and we are also related to their youngest child Allen.

The Greenlee twin brothers wrote this biography (in 1908) about their great grandfather:

"Michael Greenlee purchased land in Kent County, Delaware as early as 1754; but the following, related by Edmund Greenlee (the barrel-maker), as told him by his father (the man with the bad back), shows that he must have settled in Delaware many years before. 'My Grandfather Greenlee came from Ireland at the age of about 14 years, had no Irish brogue on his tongue, settled in Delaware near the Maryland Line; h…

52 Ancestors II, Week 67: Michael Greenlee (Jr)

Robert and Ralph Greenlee wrote this biography about their grandfather: "Michael Greenlee, (the 6th child of 11) was born April, 1759, in Kent Co., Delaware, near the Maryland line.

Michael (33) married April 19, 1792, at Georges Creek, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, Bethiah Maxson (24), of New Jersey, who was born about 1768." (1) They had 11 children between 1793 and 1811.  Our ancestor, Edmund (the barrel-maker) was their youngest.

"Michael was one of the oldest settlers of Crawford County, Pennsylvania. The Maxson family in moving to Virginia passed through Fayette County, Pennsylvania, where Bethia remained and did not go on with the family. She was living there with Rev. Woodbridge when Michael Greenlee married her.

After his marriage he resided in Franklin County for a period of two years, then moved to Pittsburg, where he remained one year, and then, in company with his family and a small colony of settlers, came up the Allegheny River and French Creek on a flat-b…

52 Ancestors II, Week 66: The Greenlee Brothers

As a general rule, I write about ancestors only, which does not include aunts and uncles.  This week, I am making an exception:  The Greenlee brothers wrote the Greenlee Genealogy and the Stebbins Genealogy, both of which have been invaluable for our family research.  In these books, they included an auto-biography: They were very interesting twin brothers who, together, worked hard and were very successful! Their legacy continues to this day. see the information from at the very end of this post!

"Robert and Ralph Greenlee were born 13 Apr 1838 in Rundell Corners, PA, (the third and fourth children of eight total). "They began at the age of ten to assist in the active duties of farm life by carrying the milk from the yard into the cheese house, in that way helping their mother with her milking. At the age of twelve each of them milked ten cows night and morning, and became very expert milkers. A year or two afterward they learned to make the cheese and butter, …

52 Ancestors II, Week 65: Mary Wright Stebbins

“Mary Wright Stebbins Greenlee was born 13 Sept 1808 near Wilbraham, Massachusetts about 8 miles from Springfield. Here she lived with her parents until 1811 when they moved to Sangerfield, New York where her father died in 1813. After his death they moved to Lebanon, New York and later to Crawford County, Pennsylvania.

Her half-brother, Daniel Stebbins came to Crawford County first, then her brother Lemuel Stebbins followed with their mother and the rest of the family. The household goods were brought in an ox-cart, the family traveling most of the way on foot.” (1)

Mary (24) married Edmund Greenlee (21) on 10 April 1832.  They had 8 children, two of whom died as infants.  Their twin boys wrote the Greenlee Genealogy and in it, their tribute to their mother continues:  (this is the same "log rolling, buckhorn wrestling wife" mentioned in last week's post)

“She made the most of her opportunities for obtaining an education and fitted herself to become a teacher. She taug…

52 Ancestors II, Week 64: Edmund Greenlee

Edmund Greenlee was born 31 Mar 1811 in Crawford County, PA, about 90 miles north of Pittsburgh.  He was the youngest of 11.

Edmund (21) married Mary Wright Stebbins (23) on 10 Apr 1832.

Edmund and Mary had 8 children, including two infants who died.  Our ancestor, Mary, was their youngest.  They also had twin boys who wrote the Genealogy of the Greenlee Families. They dedicated it to their father, Edmund.

A short biography, written by his twin boys:  "Edmund Greenlee was the son of one of the earliest settlers of Crawford County. After his marriage he went directly to the log cabin which he had built in the woods on his newly purchased farm in the northeast corner of Summerhill Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, his land extending over into Spring Township. On this land, he resided for about 70 years.  The fireplace was then the only means of cooking, and the baking was done in a tin oven in front of the log fire.

Mr. Greenlee chopped and felled the trees, his wife helpin…

52 Ancestors II, Week 63: Mary Lucinda Greenlee Greenlee Bishop

Mary Lucinda Greenlee was born 28 Oct 1846 in Crawford County, PA (about 90 miles north of Pittsburgh). The youngest of 8 children, which included twin boys.

"Mary Lucinda was an unusually bright child, and learned her A-B-C's when but four years old. A little incident which illustrates her kind and ambitious character when but a child, occurred one day when her parents had left her home alone while they drove to town.  A Mr. Cole had been with them that day working about the house and Mary Lucinda, then but four years old, thought that he ought to have his supper.  She went out and asked him to get some potatoes for her, as she could not reach them, and told him she would cook them for him if he would.  He got them and she cooked them and also fried some meat; set the table as well as she could but being very little she could not set the dishes on and had to push them on from the edge.  Mr Cole enjoyed his meal and was very much pleased and amused with this little hostess. …

52 Ancestors II, Week 62:Charles W Woodley and Lizzie Greenlee

Charles Wiseman Woodley was born Dec 1871 in Kansas City, MO.  When he was 4 years old, he and his parents moved to Chicago.

Charles (23) married Elizabeth May (Lizzie) Greenlee (25) on 5 Jun 1895 across the state line in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

In Dec 1896 their daughter Esther Mary (Ed’s Grandma) was born in Chicago.

The next year, in 1897 they moved to Denver and lived at 1441 S Pearl for two years.

Baby Harry Robert (named for his grandfather) was born on 3 Oct 1897, but sadly he died in 1898 and is buried at Fairmont Cemetery in Denver. 
On 12 Jan 1899 their son Howard G was born.

On 6 Jun 1900: Charles and Lizzie were renting their home at 2042 S Grant, near Lizzie’s Brother (William Greenlee) and his family.  Charles was a stock salesman, and Lizzie did hair work.

Charles Woodley broke two horses for Denver Businessman Peter McCourt, brother of famed Baby Doe Tabor whose full name was Elizabeth Bonduel McCourt.  Her first marriage was to Harvey Doe and later to Horace Tabor.
The t…

52 Ancestors II, Week 61: Anna Julia Phillips and Harry R Woodley

Anna Julia (Annie) Phillips was born Jul 1852 in Belmont County Ohio (near Wheeling West Virginia), the youngest and 9th child of John Phillips and Julianne Pennington Phillips.
After 1860, the Phillips family moved to Kansas City, Missouri.
At age 16 (almost 17), Annie married Harry R (HR) Woodley (22) on 5 May 1869 in Kansas City, MO. Harry was born Mar 1847 in Canada. He was the son of John and Louisa Woodley.
On 15 Jun 1870, Annie and HR were living with her parents: John and Julianne Phillips.  HR is a lightning rod agent.
Only two months later, on 23 Aug 1870, Annie and HR were living with HIS parents: John and Louisa Woodley.

In 1871, their son Charles Wiseman Woodley was born. 
In 1875 they moved to Chicago.

In 1877, HR was a printer and they were living at 112 Chicago Ave.
On 9 Jun 1880, they were living at 834 Congress St and HR was a printer
In September 1881, their daughter Maud was born.

In 1888, HR was a printer at 155 W Washington and they were living at 448 Irving Ave…