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52 Ancestors, Week 35: Nathaniel Tilden

“The Tilden families of America descend from John Tilden, a clothier of Benenden, England born around 1400.” (1) 

“His descendant, Nathaniel Tilden was baptized at Tenterden, County Kent, 28 July 1583, the son of Thomas Tilden and Alice Biggs.” 

Parish records indicate that Nathaniel was married about 1606 in Tenterden, Kent, England, to Lydia Huckstep, (baptized on 11 February 1587/1588 in Tenterden, Kent, England, daughter of Winnfrithe.)

They had 12 children, all born in England:

1.Joseph, died young
2.Thomas, died young
3.Mary, born about 1610, christened on 20 May 1610 in Tenterden, Kent, England; 
               married on 13 March 1637 to Thomas Lapham in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
4.Sarah; married on on 13 March 1637 George Sutton.* (our ancestors)
5.Joseph; married Alice or Elizabeth Twisden.
6.Thomas; married Elizabeth (Bourne) Waterman.
7.Stephen, died young
8.Judith; married Abraham Preble.
9.Winifred, died young
10.Lydia, died young
11.Lydia; married Richard Garrett.
12.Stephen; married Ha…

52 Ancestors, Week 34: Dempsey Barclift

Dempsey Barclift was born 14 Mar 1778 in Durant's Neck, North Carolina.

At age 19, he married Mourning Godfrey, and they had a son, Joseph Godfrey Barclift. (1798)

Mourning died before 1800 (in childbirth?), because we see in the 1800 census that only Dempsey and his son are enumerated, along with 3 slaves.

On 2 May 1801, Dempsey (23)  married Martha Sutton (20).  They were second cousins: their grandfathers were brothers, (and their fathers were cousins).

They had 8 children:
George (1802)Wilson (1804)Sarah (1805)Deborah (1808) (dies at age 3) In the 1810 census, they had 5 children  (the 4 mentioned above plus Joseph from his first marriage), and 8 slaves.

      5. Ann (1811) our ancestor
      6. Asa (1815) (dies at age 7)
      7. Martha (1818)
      8. Dempsey Jr (1822)

Dempsey (44) died on 14 Oct 1822 and is buried at New Hope Cemetary in Perquimans County, NC.

Martha (68) died on 15 Oct 1849 and is buried next to her husband.

US Marriage Records1800 and 1810  US Fe…

52 Ancestors, Week 33: Ann Barclift

Ann Barclift was born 16 Dec 1811, in Herford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, the fifth child of 8, born to Dempsey Barclift and Martha Sutton.

"The Cottle's, in their family history, state that, "The story is that a day after reaching the age of twenty-one, Timothy Walton (III) rode to Perquimans County where he married Ann Barclift (18), daughter of Dempsey Barclift and Martha Sutton on 15 Oct 1830.

The bride and groom then rode to their new home in Gates County on one horse. Horse lovers can take heart since neither was a heavy weight and the lady weighed scarcely a hundred pounds all her life.

That same year on 2 December 1830 Timothy Walton in the deed sold to his brother-in-law Absalom Blanchard a mill in Gates County with four acres of land." (1)

They may have moved to Illinois right away.

Ann and Timothy had four children:
James (1831)Edward (1833)Emily (1838)Lucy (1840) In the 1840 census, the family was living in Monroe, Illinois.

Timothy Walton died i…

52 Ancestors, Week 32: William Blanchard

We don't know when the Blanchards came to America, quite possible from England, sometime before 1760.  There are some who say Blanchard meant someone who had a white beard, or wore white clothes, or one who rode a white horse.  The name could have French origins, or German.

"The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Richard Blanchard, which was dated 1177, during the reign of King Henry II. (1)

Benjamin Blanchard was born around 1762 possibly in North Carolina.

His son, William Blanchard was born in 1780 in Gates County North Carolina. William showed up in the Gates County, NC censuses of 1810, 1820, and 1830. These census records only list the head of household's name and then give age ranges and numbers of persons for the rest of the family members.

William married Mary Rawls on 26 Sept , 1801 in Gates County, NC.

In 1810, there are 7 household members:
Presumably, William (30) and Mary (30)  (aged 26-44) 3 boys (under 10)  One of the kids co…

52 Ancestors, Week 31: Timothy Walton II

Timothy Walton II, the youngest son of Timothy Walton and Mary Benbury was born on 15 July 1770 in Chowan County, NC.

His father (60) died less than six months after he was born.  His mother Mary (44) died when he was 19.

Most of the records for Timothy II seem to come from Gates County, NC  which was formed in 1779 from parts of Chowan County (above) and two others.

"Gates County was named for General Horatio Gates, a Revolutionary War hero. As commanding general at the Battle of Saratoga in 1777, he delivered one of the most damaging blows yet felt by English forces in the war.

However, in 1780 his failure at the disastrous Battle of Camden transformed him from one of the Revolution's most esteemed soldiers into one of its most controversial." (1)  But, I guess by then, the County was already named, so they didn't change it.

Timothy II married 5 sisters, one at a time, the daughters of Thomas Billups and Mildred Lily:

1.  Mary Billups Roberts (widow) on 09 Feb 179…

52 Ancestors, Week 30: Major Timothy Walton

The Waltons immigrated to Virginia in the mid 16th century.  I imagine that they were from England, but we have no record of their immigration.

It appears that the first generation of Waltons born in America, was Thomas Walton, born in 1660 in New Kent County, VA.  He left a will in 1719 leaving an equal share of his estate to his wife and 7 children.

Thomas' son, William Walton was born in 1685 in New Kent County and he left a will in 1731, making a deed of land to his son Timothy Walton.

Timothy Walton was his oldest child, born about 1710 in King and Queen County, Virginia.

By about 1719, the extended family had moved from Virginia to North Carolina.  Three generations of Waltons were born there, until Timothy Blanchard left and moved to Boulder, CO with his family.

In 1752, Timothy (42) married Zilpha Blanchard (36) (love the name!). She was his sister-in-law, the widow of John Walton, with 4 young children. They had one child, Celia in 1753.

(This is one of many marriages …