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52 Ancestors, Week 29: Mary Isabel (Belle) Vernatti

... continued from last week

Mary Isabel (Belle) Vernatti was born 3 Feb 1845 in Monroe County, IL  (southeast of St Louis, MO).

Belle’s mother Nancy Barclift had two husbands:

Timothy Walton who died in 1841 (age 31) leaving her with 4 children, ages 10, 8, 3 and 1.  Jacob Vernatti (Belle’s father) who died in 1857 (age 45) leaving her with children ages 26, 24, 19, 17, 14, 12 (Belle), 10, and 2.  There is an interesting story about Jacob Vernatti: 
"A man came from Kentucky with two young boys on horseback. He had relatives in Illinois, so he left his sons Jacob (Belle's Father) and Allan with them, and went back to Kentucky and was never heard from, think perhaps he met with foul play. The children too small to spell, so Vernatti seemed to be the way, but I wonder if it might not be Van Etta."  --Grannie Finkbiner (1)

So anyway, Belle’s father dies when she is about 12, in 1857 and around that time, TW Blanchard travels as a young man from North Carolina to Illinois to …

52 Ancestors, Week 28: Timothy Walton Blanchard

Timothy Walton (TW) was born 10 Dec 1835 in Gates County, North Carolina.

It appears that TW's father died in 1839 when he was 4 and his mother died in 1840 when he was 5.   TW had three sisters who were 7,4 and 2 when their mother died.

In the 1850 census:

TW (14) lived in Gates County, NC with his uncle Elisha’s family:  Elisha (35) and Mildred (30) Blanchard, (family #313)His sister Lucinda (16) lived with relatives James(32) and Sarah Ann (30) Blanchard, (family #737)His sister Mary (13) lived with neighbors, Wiley and Mary Fardess, (family #316) I don’t know what happened to the youngest, Sarah.  
Somehow, probably between 1854 and 1861, TW traveled over 900 miles and went west to Illinois.

The civil war began in April 1861, and many thought it would be a short-lived war, and soldiers enlisted for 3 month terms.   After the summer of 1861, recruitment began for 3 year terms or longer.

TW's roots in NC were southern, and NC was one of the states that seceded.  But he was…

52 Ancestors, Week 27: Delbert Lawrence Day and Freda Helen Florence North Day

Delbert and Helen were my grandparents.  I have listed here the facts that I could find, with a few family stories.  I would love to supplement this post with the memories of my aunts, cousins and siblings.  If you’d like, please comment, message me or e-mail me and I will add your comments (or corrections).

Delbert  was born 27 Apr 1914 in Lotts Creek, Ringgold County, IA.

1915: Delbert (1):  Lotts Creek1920: Delbert (6): Pine, Brown County, NE1930: Delbert (16): Ainsworth, Brown County, NEDelbert lived with his grandma Ida for some amount of time in his youth.  Delbert made his way from Nebraska to Casper sometime between 1930 and 1936.
Helen was born 12 Apr 1920 in Casper, WY

1930: Helen (10) Casper, WY Helen attended Natrona County High School
Question:  How did Delbert and Helen meet each other?

On 14 Jan 1937, Delbert and Helen got married. They had three children in three years, Darlene, Bev, and Larry.

1939: Home: rear 645 W 13th. Delbert’s occupation: driver. (his brother Kyl…

52 Ancestors, Week 26: Fredrick Harrison North and Emma Olga Hroch

Fred North and Emma Olga Hroch were my great grandparents.  Just like last week, I welcome all memories from my aunts, cousins and siblings!

Fred was born 27 Dec 1887 in Marshall, Saline County, Missouri to Nancy Cooper and Marion B North. Fred’s dad, Marion died sometime before 1900, and Fred and his mom, Nancy moved to Nebraska.

In 1900, Fred and his mom lived with and worked for the widower Samuel Davis and his three children in Beatrice, NE. Nancy remarried, and Fred had a half-sister, Florence Pausner.

Fred served as a private in the Nebraska National Guard Infantry for two years, sometime in his early adult life. In 1910, Fred (22) lived as a lodger in a home in Wymore, NE with his fellow railroad workers.

Emma was born 2 Dec 1892 in Castalia, Charles Mix County, South Dakota to Anna Melichar and James Hroch.  She was the 5th child of 7. In 1910, Emma (17) was living with her aunt, uncle and cousins in America, South Dakota.  Emma’s parents and younger siblings moved to Wymor…