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52 Ancestors II, Week 60: John Woodley and his wife Louisa

John Woodley was born 1809 in England.  We don’t know when he immigrated to the US.

In about 1845, John (36) married Louisa (25) who was born in 1820 in Demerara.

“Demerara, (Guyana) was first colonized by the Dutch West India Company(DWIC). The Demerara region was opened to settlement in 1746, and new opportunities attracted British settlers from nearby Barbados. By 1760, they had become the largest contingent in Demerara.  The mainstay of its economy was sugar, grown on cane plantations worked by slaves.  The treatment of slaves were markedly different from owner to owner, and from plantation to plantation.” (1)

When Louisa was only 3 years old, “the Demerara rebellion of 1823 took place.  It was an uprising involving more than 10,000 slaves. The rebellion took place on 18 August 1823 and lasted for two days.  In part they were reacting to poor treatment and a desire for freedom; in addition, there was a widespread, mistaken belief that Parliament had passed a law for emancipation…

52 Ancestors II, Week 59: Nicholas Bittinger

Nicholas Bittinger was born 11 Jun 1725 in the Strasbourg area of Alsace France/Germany. He was the oldest of four boys. He was 12 when he and his family immigrated to America, arriving in Philadelphia in 1737.

Ten years later, Nicholas  (22) married Maria Christina Reinbolt on 14 Jun 1747 in Abbottstown, PA. “Her son-in-law, Samuel Lane, described her as 'a very smart woman.'

They had 2 sons and 8 daughters:
Maria Christina, (married Seth Duncan)Johan (never married)Margaret (married Major John Clark) Mary Magdalena, born 1754 (our ancestor, married William Hamilton)Anna Barbara (married Samuel Lane)Elisabeth (married Andrew Baum)Mary (married Mr Harman)Susanna (married Tobias Kepner)Catharine (married George Rudy)Joseph (married Elizabeth Baugher)
In 1753 Nicholas B. was elected deacon of St. Michael's church. Ten years after we find him sent to the conference of Lutheran ministers in Philadelphia to plead that a minister be sent to the church; it was impossible to do so…

52 Ancestors II, Week 58: Hans Adam Bittinger

It appears that the Bittingers may have been from Bern, Switzerland, and immigrated to the Alsace/Lorraine (Strasbourg, Zutzendorf, Bokenheim, Schiltigheim, Durstel)  region in about 1660, where 2 generations were born including

Hans Adam Bittinger in about 1698. He was the son of Peter Bittinger and Mary Sabina Braum.

"Strasbourg is the capital of Alsace and is located on the left bank of the Rhine River, in France’s northeast. The European parliament, the Court of Human Rights, and the Council of Europe are just some of the famous institutions that have chosen Strasbourg as their seat.

Its Old Town district is a gem waiting to be discovered, and the atmosphere surrounding it is truly enchanting. The heritage-listed area includes the famous Notre-Dame cathedral and the enchanting Petite France district.

Strasbourg is separated from Germany by the Rhine River, and remains proud of its rich and tormented history. Having emerged even stronger from the painful memories of the two Worl…

52 Ancestors II, Week 57: David McQueen

David McQueen was born in about 1746, one of three brothers. We don't have a record of his family's immigration, but we can assume that he was of Scotch-Irish descent, as were our other ancestors who were living in Lancaster County, PA at the time.

David was a Revolutionary War Patriot.

The Battles of Lexington and Concord were the first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War. They were fought on April 19, 1775.  Less than a month later, "in May 1775, David is listed as an Ensign, "Liberty Company", Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Captain Jacob Cook commanding."(1)

This was a local volunteer "association." These associations were formed into battalions by county and were known as "Flying Camps" that served on active duty until November 30, 1776.

"In early 1777,  Pennsylvania's new Assembly passed Pennsylvania's first militia law requiring compulsory military service:"(2)

"In July 1777, David is in …