52 Ancestors, Week 31: Timothy Walton II

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Timothy Walton II, the youngest son of Timothy Walton and Mary Benbury was born on 15 July 1770 in Chowan County, NC.

His father (60) died less than six months after he was born.  His mother Mary (44) died when he was 19.

Most of the records for Timothy II seem to come from Gates County, NC  which was formed in 1779 from parts of Chowan County (above) and two others.

"Gates County was named for General Horatio Gates, a Revolutionary War hero. As commanding general at the Battle of Saratoga in 1777, he delivered one of the most damaging blows yet felt by English forces in the war.

However, in 1780 his failure at the disastrous Battle of Camden transformed him from one of the Revolution's most esteemed soldiers into one of its most controversial." (1)  But, I guess by then, the County was already named, so they didn't change it.

Timothy II married 5 sisters, one at a time, the daughters of Thomas Billups and Mildred Lily:

1.  Mary Billups Roberts (widow) on 09 Feb 1793.
  • They had one son: William Walton.  
  • Mary died in 1793, so I'm assuming of complications of childbirth.

2.  Nancy Ann Billups Garrett (widow) on 19 Jan 1796.
  • They had two children: 
  • Thomas Walton (1797)
  • Sarah Walton (1799). 
  • Nancy Ann died in 1801.  (childbirth, again?)

3.  Rosanna Billups (age 28) on 11 Aug 1801.
  • They had 3 children: 
  • Elizabeth (1803)* (our ancestor), -----who later married Absolum Blanchard
  • John Billups Walton (1805) 
  • Millicent (Milly) (1807).  -------------who later married Elisha Blanchard (brother to Absolum) "Milly raised her sister Elizabeth's children (including Timothy Walton Blanchard with her own, they were double first cousins, and continued to live in Gates County, NC."  (2)
  • Rosanna died in 1808. (childbirth, again?)
4. Sarah (Sally) Billups on 19 July 1808.  Sarah (Sally) died in 1808. (pregnancy/childbirth, again?)

5. Lucy Billups in 1809.
  • They had 3 children: 
  • Timothy III (1809), ----------who later marries Nancy Ann Barclift (another branch of our tree)
  • Mary Ann (1816)
  • Joseph (1818) 
  • Lucy outlived Timothy II by 10 years, and died in 1837.
Timothy II (58) died 16 April 1827.

"He died without a will. His two oldest sons, William and Thomas, were appointed administrators and two documents name his heirs:

1. A petition of Thomas Walton, Sally Walton, William Walton, and Elizabeth Walton of full age and up, John Walton, Millicent, Timothy, Mary, and Joseph Walton infants to divide the lands of Timothy Walton, deceased, consisting of four tracts and 948 acres more or less which petition was presented to the court in August 1827.

2. A document showing the division of the ten negroes of the estate among the ten heirs, Mrs. Lucy Walton, widow, and nine children. This is dated 13 November 1829."  (2)


(1) History of Gates County

(2) Descendants of Robert Walton


  1. Gee Whiz! One wife, nine children and ten slaves with no will at 60 with four other wives (all sisters of the surviving final wife) in their graves. If you wrote a novel with this story line it would seem highly improbable.


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