52 Ancestors, Week 45: Eli Rambo

Credit: Pennsylvania Arboretum by 12019 CC0 on Pixabay

This is the work of Ronald S Beatty, with information from his website, with a few of my own edits and embellishments:

“Eli Rambo was born 11 Dec 1773, the youngest of 7 children. When Eli was almost 3, the Rev. Muhlenberg visited the family home:

‘The Rev. writes in his journal on 1 Nov 1776, "On being requested to do so, I went two miles on foot with Neighbor Muller to the plantation of Mr. (Gunnar) Rambo to preach a funeral sermon in English for his eleven-year-old daughter who had passed away.  The mother had also died of dysentery about ten days before, and a fifteen-year-old son is dying of the same sickness. The mother was a lover of the divine Word and was especially cheered during her illness by the eighth chapter of the Epistle to the Romans.  It was her wish that I read and expound this chapter to her mourners at her funeral. 

November 2, Saturday.  I was informed that Mr. Rambo's young son, whom I had seen yesterday, had passed away early this morning and that I was to conduct a funeral service in English at the same house tomorrow, God willing.  The weather is already terribly raw and cold.’

Eli (23) married Margaret (20) (last name unknown) in about 1796.  Margaret was born 9 Oct 1776.

The family Bible was discovered by a book collector at an estate sale in the vicinity of Palmyra-Annville, PA; it records ten children:

1.  Joseph, b. 11 Sep 1797
2.  Mary, b. 5 Sep 1798, d. 2 Dec 1835, m. Henry Isett
3.  Susanna, b. 7 Mar 1800, d. 11 Jan 1851, m. Israel Peterman

In 1800, the family lived in Limerick Township, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania with two young daughters.

 4.  Alice, b. 26 Mar 1802, d. 14 Nov 1882, m. John F. Shantz
5.  Abel, b. 30 Aug 1803
6.  Jonah, b. 17 Feb 1807
7.  Eli, b. 15 Aug 1811, d. 11 Mar 1847, m. Martha (?)
8.  Hannah, b. 17 Mar 1814
9.  Margaret, b. 29 Mar 1815 (our ancestor)
10.  Reuben, b. 25 Apr 1818

The will of Eli Rambo was written 26 Nov 1823. Eli (50) died 10 Dec 1823, and his will was probated 12 Jan 1824 and recorded in Montgomery Co. Will Book 6: page 187.

‘Norristown Weekly Register" of 28 Dec 1825

Public sale small farm late residence and property of Eli Rambo, deceased, situated in Limerick 2 miles above Trappe about 59 acres of good propagation, of woodland and meadow, a constant stream of water running through same.  The improvements are a 2 story frame dwelling partly new, a good barn, an apple orchard also a lot of 2 acres of woodland.  Apply to Henry Isett living on premises.’
Margaret Rambo (wife of the deceased)

Margaret (55) died 28 Nov 1831.”  (1)

(1) https://sites.google.com/site/rambofamilytree/


  1. Fascinating that this information comes from a family bible discovered at an estate sale and that the book had come to be in the possession of a book collector who recognized the significance of the information.

  2. We appreciate the credits and sources. Cynthia Forde-Beatty


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